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Whether it’s for work, study or a holiday, travelling abroad should be a positive, mind-broadening or relaxing experience. But if eating out is a minefield in your own hometown, what about in another country, continent or culture?

Don’t let your food requirements stop you enjoying the local cuisine! Use our ‘sensitive foodie’ phrases to help you with eating and shopping for food abroad.

For example:

Hello, can you help me please?

I am on a special diet, have you got any food that is (dairy free)?

I can't eat / I'm allergic to (wheat).

Thank you, it was very good!

Choose the language you require from the dropdown menu below:
As pronunciation may be difficult, we suggest you copy or print out the phrase(s) you require, to show to food providers abroad.
If you can't find the language you need, try this free online service from allerglobal.